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Health Insurance

Keeping you healthy & well

Individual and Family Health Plans tailored to your needs and budget.

Florida Blue Marketplace Plans that fit your everyday needs and affordability.

STM plans for those not in need of the additional benefits and costs associated with the ACA, formerly know as Obama Care

Life Insurance

Policies with Living Benefits

Term, Whole, or Index UL plans available

We specialize in Living Benefits Life Insurance – the life insurance you don’t need to die to use! In the case of a medical emergency such as a critical, a chronic or a terminal illness, you are able to access the financial benefits of your life insurance policy.


Keeping you healthy & well

We assist the Florida Senior Market Industry-leading Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida

Whether you are turning 65, shopping during AEP, or unhappy with your current company – We can help guide you through the process.

Dental & Supplemental

Keeping you healthy & well

With a range of Dental products that include HMO’s, PPO, Co-Pay Plans and Discount Plans, we have the right portfolio of Dental Products to meet all of you and your families needs.

To help cover your Medical Deductible and any additional out of pocket expenses. Our licensed Agents are happy to explain the uses of Accident, Heart Attack, Cancer or Stroke coverage. As well as walking you through the claims process  should anything ever happen.

Prescription Coverage

Pharmacy Benefit Plan

The Only Fully Insured Prescription Drug Plan in the Country

Smart Cremation

A worldwide plan for a low cost Final Expense.

Click Here To Learn More About Smart Cremation
Filing of Necessary permits and paperwork for death certificates.

Assistance in filing for benefits with Social security and The VA Cremation by a professional staff.

A simplified process from the comfort of your own home

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