Three Ways to Kick of 2023 with Life with Living Benefits Sales

Lucas Zerbe

The new year is here and with that comes New Year’s resolutions and goals. Many agents want to sell Life Insurance. When I hear this, I always say the same thing “Great idea but how do you plan to make that happen?”. I ask this because setting Goals is a great habit but if you do not plan out a way to achieve them most will never come to fruition. January is the best month to begin selling Life Insurance. Why?

  1. Goals are Fresh – Most people kick off January attacking their New Years Goals with Great Energy and unfortunately if they do not see immediate results most people dedication dies in February. So, let’s attack this while you are excited. Customers can hear excitement in your tone, and it is contagious!
  2. Follow Up Calls – After Open Enrollment we want to follow up with our customers about 30 days later. However, when I tell agents Follow Up calls are an amazing way to sell Life Insurance the response I most commonly get is “Really Follow up calls. But I already sold them health insurance last month. “True you did just sell this customer medical insurance. However, in so many cases in the crazy Open Enrollment Period many agents neglect to bring up Life with Living Benefits. 

Follow up calls are the best lead you can have as an agent. I will give you 3 reasons why:

  • These people already like and trust you. 
  • They have already bought Health Insurance, so they believe in having insurance.
  • You are Calling to check up to make sure they are happy. This is not a sales call in 90% of case they are happy to hear from you.
  1. January is “National Living Benefits Awareness Month” – The Alliance Group puts an amazing amount of time into providing agents with marketing materials for #LBAM each year and you can access them for free on the Alliance Groups agent website. (You will find the link below)

See selling Life Insurance with Living Benefits is as easy as 

1, 2, 3. Let’s Review:

  1. January is the Beginning – You set goals for 2023 and to succeed starting off strong is key to your success.
  2. Follow Up Calls – You need to follow up on your OE business. Why not turn Customer Service Calls into New Life Sales.
  3. #LBAM – January is National Living Benefits Awareness Month. Use the materials available from the Alliance Group to Kick Start your Life Sales in 2023.

    Let’s Kick off 2023 by selling Life with Living Benefits. Your will find the link for the Alliance Group Agent Website below and the Follow up Call Script attached. Please reach out to me in the Home Office with any questions.

Alliance Group Agent Website:
Alliance Group Agent Portal (

Lucas Zerbe
Director of Training
(772) 546 – 2299 ext. 115

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