The Compass Rx card is the superior product compared to GoodRX

Lucas Zerbe

When most people sign up for GoodRX they think they are simple getting a free discount on expensive prescription drugs. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, they are trading their person medical information for a coupon to save them a few dollars. You will see below several key points that show just how much people are sacrificing to save a little money. Does not seem they would make this trade if they knew the price they were paying.

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1.) When you use GoodRx, your trading your personal and private health information for what amounts to a few bucks in savings for almost all transactions. Do you want your employer, or your insurance company, or anyone else to know you’re on Anti-depressants, HIV medication, Viagra, or that you regularly get medication for genital warts? When you use GoodRx, ALL that data regarding your prescription transaction is collected and stored. GoodRx employs people to dig into it analyze it. And they use and sell that data. At one time they printed on their website that they consider your data an asset and if/when they sell their company YOUR PRIVATE DATA gets sold too.

2.) GoodRx prints a regular card with billing info on it which gives one discount then if you go to their website and put in the specific drug name you get an even deeper discount. Why is that? Because they’ve captured a specific instance of all your demographic information attached directly to the medication you had filled. This is a gold mine for them, so they give a better discount.

3.)  Using GoodRx fragments healthcare. People often get multiple prescriptions from their physician and then when they get specific GoodRx prices for each of the meds the best prices are most often not all offered at the same pharmacy. People will take each prescription to a different pharmacy to get the best GoodRx price. This is DANGEROUS! No one pharmacy knows exactly what the patient is taking, and we have no idea if there are any interactions or issues. Fragmentation in healthcare is a SERIOUS problem.

If you were surprised by this information you would not be alone as I was shocked! Compass RX is a far better option for you clients and it is important you educate them in this regard.

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1.) Compass RX is a PRAM Product: Therefore, an insurance product protected by HIPPA and its personal information protections.

2.) Compass RX has better Discounts: Because of PRAM’s extensive prescription network Compass RX is able to offer better discounts on prescriptions. Including better pricing on the top 10 most used prescription drugs in the United States.

3.) Same Prices Everywhere: As you saw above many GoodRX users go to different pharmacies to get the best price. This could end up drastically affecting their health by possible allowing a dangerous drug interaction. Compass RX prices are the same at all network Pharmacies.

4.) Better Selection: Compass RX has a far larger and more diversified network that includes large chains and small family pharmacies.

5.  Best of all – you earn a commission with EVERY filled prescription!  The more FREE Cards you can distribute – the more $$$ you will earn.  There are many ways you can market this CompassRX card to your existing clients and new alike.  Please be sure to log into the Compass Health web site to view the CompassRX videos.

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I hope you will take this information and educate your clients and prospects in this upcoming year. Not only will you be growing your income but will be protecting many people from a very dangerous company that sells their most personal information to the highest bidder.

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