Small Business

Are you a Business with 2-49 Employees?

  • Employers with 49 or fewer employees are not required to provide health insurance
  • Most Employers will love to offer health insurance if it is affordable
  • Offering a health insurance benefit is a strong employee recruiting and retention tool
  • Switching to individual plans can save employers and employees 50% or more on their health insurance premium
  • Use the premium savings to help your business grow in other meaningful ways
  • Federal tax credits are available for individual plans in the form of premium subsidies up to 100% of the actual premium
  • ACA individual metallic plans now offer rich group style benefits including maternity coverage
  • Metallic plans are guaranteed issue and have no pre x clause
  • There are no employee participation requirements
  • Individual plans are portable to the employee
  • We have other solutions for those employees who either don’t want or can’t afford major medical (or are getting $0 or little subsidy)

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Cover the gaps with CompassXpress

CompassXpress enhances your medical coverage with benefits not covered by your health insurance. Just $19.95 per month for an individual or $29.95 per family you get the extra coverage of Telemedicine, Dental, Pharmacy and Vision.