Open Enrollment Follow Up Can be Even More Important the initial Signup

Lucas Zerbe

After Open Enrollment ends, we often time think its time for a break! I would like to tell you that is true, but the truly successful agent goes right from Open Enrollment into Follow Up Mode in efforts to turn Customers into Clients by adding multiple products that enhance the coverage for that person’s family.

  • Life with Living Benefits – January is #LBAM – “Living Benefits Awareness Month”
  • Usable – Accident and Hospital plans designed for the low-income customer to help protect them from life’s random problems.
  • Florida Blue Dental – Everyone wants dental and if you follow up you will see over 50% of those customers you touch base with want this coverage. Over 50% of these individuals believe its include in their Health Insurance.

In addition to the sale of additional products these calls will help up your retention percentage. In today’s market almost as important as new business is your renewals. You can help your retention in 2 different ways.

  1. Providing Top tier Customer Service – Follow up with each customer?
    • Did you receive your cards?
    • Were you able to Download the FB app to your phone?
    • Did you set up Auto pay?
  2. Selling them Full protection – If you do not sell Dental, Accident and Life insurance to your customers someone else will. If you want to retain your client’s Health Business, you need to make sure to provide them with a full spectrum of products to make sure they are fully protected as well as closing any doors another agent could have to squeeze through because you did not offer complete coverage to your customer. 

How can I reach out to all my customers?

Now the thought of reaching out a second time to the same group you barely got through renewals with may seem almost impossible. However, if you use technology, it can be a relatively easy project.

  1. Consumer Email Blast utilizing Calendly and Zoom to set up easy appointments quickly and efficiently. Mail Chimp or Constant Contact – Are email contact Services. They are easy and not expensive at all. Simple Texting – Easy way to contact your customers to set appointments.
  2. Daily call Goals – Set a manageable number of contacts each day. Goals should be set for contacts not calls. These contacts are just as important as renewals if not more so. Treat them in that fashion and you will huge results.

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