Why selling USAble & Florida Blue Dental to all your potential and current clients is a MUST

Brett Henry

Many ACA customers live ‘paycheck to paycheck,’ which is 80% of Americans. However, this does not mean they cannot afford anything. It means they budget their money in a weekly manner. We mustn’t assume what a person can afford but instead make our recommendation based on what we know to be a person’s needs.

The right question you should always consider as a trusted advisor is: Can your client afford to be out of work for a month? But in return, can they afford $1 a day, which is $30 monthly?

Like most families, they work to budget their money carefully so they can pay all their bills each month; if one cannot work, this can cause a massive financial crisis. I guarantee if you went to a potential client or client right now and asked them if they wanted an accident plan from USAble, that could potentially pay them out almost 4k, and the plan would only cost them a dollar a day; they might knock you over trying to sign up.

As the agent, instead of saving a family $30 a month, picture the good the policy will provide for their family if they ever have an accident and cannot work and incur significant non-covered expenses. Even if you establish the great value and benefits of these products, some may still fight you on incurring any cost. If you come across this type of situation, sometimes using some simple comparisons to money already spent each month can help, such as:

  • Do you buy coffee in the morning or afternoon?
  • Do you go to the movies each month?

Show the client an example where they could cut a non-essential expense, and by adding in the $1 a day protection for their family, they can now easily pay for the protection their family needs. Bills can add up fast from a severe head injury to a not-as-serious sprain. 

On top of it all, during the Summer, kids attend Summer Camp, or during the school year, many enroll in sports or after-school activities. Kids are hard at play, from bike rides with friends to organized sports which means accidents and injuries will happen. Approximately every year, 3.5 million children ages 14 and younger are hurt playing sports or participating in recreational activities, and more than 775,000 are treated in hospital emergency rooms for sports-related injuries. 

If your customers have children, especially children participating in sports, USAble Life Accident insurance is a must-have plan — providing peace of mind and financial security. Here is another selling point to bring up to your client.

Lastly, Dental can be expensive, especially with Root Cancels, Dentures, and Implants. BlueDental Choice Copayment and Choice PPO Dental Networks lead the industry as #1 and #2 in effective discounts in Florida* providing more access to quality care and opportunities to save more money!

USAble is vital for your client and you, as an agent adding in that extra coverage. We know we will not see any huge commission increases in the ACA world. So, it becomes important to optimize each sales opportunity by including ancillary products. Adding USAble Accident and Critical Illness to each sale will DOUBLE your commission AND provide these vulnerable clients with affordable and valuable protection!

Rather than doubling your ACA sales – include USAble on each sale. Make today the first day of creating a new sales habit, including USAble Ancillary with every quote!

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