Quotit Quote, Sell and Track your customers in one platform

  • Receive your Exclusive Leads in Real Time

  • Enter Applications for all products

  • Add Ancillary Products and Life all from one website

  • Track your book of Business (ACA, Medicare, STM or even Life)

  • Run Drip Email Campaigns using 800 plus templates

  • Use EDE technology to enter ACA applications (No more crashes)

  • Use this powerful CRM to track all your customers policies making renewals and Cross Selling Easy!

Agent’s #1 Problem when asked? Leads, Leads, Leads…

  • Compass has its own Telemarketing Facility that develops TRULY EXCLUSIVE LEADS by calling Small Business Owners. We offer these amazing leads to our agents for ONLY $20 each. In addition, we have negotiated special pricing exclusively for Compass Agents from multiple lead vendors. Cost Range from $5 to $20. All Leads are sent real-time to your new Quotit account!

    –  All Web Leads 
    –  Apollo 
    –  Quote Wizard
    –  Benapath
    –  Excel Impact
    –  Media Alpha
    – Health Network
    – NextGenLeads

Our Website

  • Receive Leads from our website created from social media and Goggle SEO

  • Agent Video Training Library

  • Commission statements

  • Get appointed to all our Carriers

  • Keep updated on all Carrier and Agency Bonuses

  • Access your Compass Rewards

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