Living Benefits Life Insurance

At Compass Health, we specialize in Living Benefits Life Insurance – the life insurance you don’t need to die to use! In the case of a medical emergency such as a critical, a chronic or a terminal illness, you are able to access the financial benefits of your life insurance policy.

A medical crisis can quickly cut deep into your savings. An average family’s income can easily drop by $12,000 or more a year following cancer, heart attack or stroke. When a medical emergency occurs, your health and your financial stability are at risk. In the U.S. 60% of bankruptcies are related to medical claims and 75% of those bankruptcies had Health Insurance!

We can offer the best health insurance plan that money will buy, but after this type of an emergency, you can still end up with tremendous out-of-pocket expenses, such as direct costs and indirect costs.

Direct Costs are bills such as deductibles, co-insurance, co-pays, out of network charges, alternative treatment options, and experimental treatments.

Indirect Costs are the ones that really hurt! Think about household bills, monthly mortgage or payments and, most importantly, the loss of income.

The reality of it all is that; 1 in 2 men or women risk developing cancerEvery 40 seconds someone has a stroke Every 26 seconds someone suffers a heart attack 3 out of 4 over the age of 40 will suffer a critical illness at some point in their life • Have you ever known anyone that has experienced an event like this?


Our job is to protect you and your family with a Total Protection Plan because your most important assets are your health and the ability to earn a living!


With Living Benefits Life Insurance, you can protect you family and your assets. With this insurance policy, you know that you will have money you can easily access in the case of an emergency. When you receive your cash benefits from this policy, you can use it towards whatever expenses you need. The money is yours to do with as you wish.


Although we specialize in Living Benefits Life Insurance, we also offer other types of life Insurance. We can develop an individualized life insurance plan to meet your budget and needs.


Final Expense Life Insurance


End-of-life costs add up quickly. In a time of grieving, the last thing your family needs to worry about are the finances. This product will provide financial support for your family when final arrangements need o be made.



Whole Life Insurance



An insurance policy that covers you and your family, in the case of illness or death, but also has a tax-free bank account attached.

This is a traditional style of life insurance which can double as a retirement fund

These are just a few types of life insurance that we offer. We can design a life insurance plan for you that incorporate everything you need in a life insurance policy.







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