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Kyle Henry

Allstate has finally released an incredible product that when attached to their Health Access plan – makes it bulletproof.

We first found out about the plans to come out with this rider last summer when our own Lucas Zerbe attended the Allstate agency seminar held in Milwaukee, WI for their top agencies in me and my father, President of Compass Health Bruce Henry’s absence as we were out of state at the time.

Lucas informed us of all the things Allstate had planned for this year – including this Specified Care Rider. Details were scarce at the time, but we knew it had something to do with covering critical illnesses in addition to what their Health Access product already covers – mainly the back-end costs of a costly hospital stay God forbid a client were to suffer from cancer, heart attack, stroke etc.

Now that the SCR is finally released – we know now that it is so much more than we imagined!

As many of you know who have sold the Health Access product to customers, that plan is phenomenal up front for doctor visits, urgent care, hospital visits and much more due to the plan having NO deductibles and pays first dollar benefits. It also has no network restrictions – paying out fixed benefits regardless of where you go. However, it does have the First Health PPO network attached to it so you get an even better deal if you go to a participating provider.

The one downside with Health Access was in the event you had a severe critical illness and therefore an extended hospital stay, you could possibly not have enough with the network discount and fixed benefits to cover all the costs associated with such an event.

The Specified Care Rider (SCR) is meant to be sold alongside the Health Access or Foundation Health fixed benefit plans with four plans that have episodic deductibles to choose from. Plan 1 has a $30k deductible, Plan 2 has a $60k deductible, Plan 3 has a $75k deductible and Plan 4 has a $100k deductible.

Once the deductible is met, SCR will pay up to $250,000 per episode for a first-time ever medical event and a plan maximum of $2,000,000.

One example would be this:

Mike has a coronary artery bypass surgery.

  • The total cost for Mike’s treatment is $123,000.
  • He receives an estimated in-network discount of $43,050 from his paired Access Fundamentals Plus plan, bringing his remaining treatment cost down to $79,950.
  • Mike’s Fundamentals Plus plan pays him the following set cash benefits for a total of $27,475:

       – $8,000 for Tier 1 Surgeon.

       – $3,500 for Tier 1 Assistant Surgeon.

       – $2,000 for Tier 1 Anesthesia.

       – $750 for Hospital Admission.

       – $6,000 for two days of ICU – Sickness confinement.

  – $6,000 for three days of Inpatient Hospitalization – Sickness confinement.

      – $375 for five Health Practitioner visits.

      – $500 for four Office visits.

      – $350 for seven lab tests.

  • Since his Fundamentals Plus benefits apply toward his Specified Care deductible, Mike only has to pay the remaining $2,525 to meet his $30,000 deductible ($30,000 – $27,475 = $2,525).
  • At this point, Mike’s Specified Care plan kicks in and pays the remaining $49,950 of his treatment costs.
  • Additionally, because Specified Care has an episodic deductible, Mike’s deductible doesn’t reset on January 1st , so all his follow-up doctor visits are covered through 270 days after his surgery!

So, what does it look like commission wise? Here are a couple of compensation examples: Single 50-year-old male who is a general contractor.

He could buy a bronze ACA plan for $1046 per month with a $9100 deductible. You would be paid around $125 for that as an agent.


He could purchase a Health Access Fundamentals plan for $339 and pair it with the SCR (100k deductible) for $210.52 bringing his total to $549.52.

Your 6-month commission advance paid the next week is $1687 – your total annual commission is $3374! It’s a no-brainer for you and the customer.

Let’s say you have a 40-year-old married couple and they own a restaurant making around $220,000 per year. They could purchase an ACA bronze plan for $979.16 per month with a $9100 deductible. As an agent, you’s make around $250 in commission.


They purchase a Health Access Fundamentals plan for $370.09 + the SCR ($30k deductible) for $263.10. Their total monthly cost would be $633.19.

Your 6-month advance paid the following week would be $1255.50 – your total annual commission would be $2511! Again, a no-brainer for you and the customers.

This product came out this month – so you can quote the SCR under the critical illness tab in your Allstate enrollment portal right now if you are selling in Florida.

For agents in Maine, July 1st this product launches. I will update all agents as we get word of new states as they come

Myself, President & CEO Bruce Henry, and Lucas Zerbe hosted a SCR Launch Webinar this week and I recorded it if you would like to learn more about this product. I will include the link in this article.

Be on the lookout for Compass email and text notifications that we send out for future Allstate webinars me, and the team will be hosting – I am planning on doing one per week going forward as I have fully stepped into the role of running the Allstate department here at Compass Health.

If you have any questions, need help with quoting or enrolling, or want to plan a call for individualized training, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email or by calling me at the home office.

Kyle Henry
Director of Allstate
772-546-2299 ext.113

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