Go Fund Yourself

Lucas Zerbe

Most of us do not like to think of what we would do if tragedy struck us or our families. That is to be expected nobody likes to be reminded of the possibility of a major illness or injury. However, when looking at a recent survey I saw something that was very alarming nearly half of Americans (49%) could not cover an unexpected medical bill of $1,000 or more within 30 days. When asking what they would do if something like this happened the survey participants most commonly answered “Go Fund Me”! This is a fairly common idea in our society today it is called “Crowdsourcing” and despite the few examples you hear about on news or on social media more common than not it does not work.

New study published in American Journal of Public Health February 2022: Medical Crowdfunding and Disparities in Health Care Access in the United States, 2016 – 2020

  • 33% of GoFundMe campaigns are for medical expenses
  • Less than 12% reached their funding goals
  • 16% went completely unfunded
  • Raised an average of less than $2000 

Numbers do not Lie! Crowdfunding is not the answer. So, what is the answer?

  • Go Fund Yourself – Using Life with Living Benefits!
  • Example Case:
  • Married Couple with 2 Kids – Combined Income 74k per year lives in Wellington (33470)
  • Husband: 38 Male
  • Wife: 31 Female
  • Kids: (Son – 5) and (Daughter – 7)
  • Let’s Calculate how much this family needs.
  • LifeHappens.org (Life Calculator) Click Here: https://lifehappens.org/life-insurance-needs-calculator/


This family is young so placing a 20 Year Term in place to lock in their health classification is a good option. You can go back in a year and sell an IUL or other permanent option. However, for only $4.00 a day this young family has Funded itself if anything goes wrong, they will not be wondering if a GoFundMe will rescue them from financial disaster. Plus, as the agent you made a $1,100 commission.


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