What you Need to Bring to Enroll

  • Identification
    1. Driver’s License or Identification Card
    2. Social Security Numbers for all members of the household no matter if they are applying for insurance or not
    3. If applicant is a legal resident, but not a citizen, all applicable identification such as Permanent Alien Resident Card or Employment Verification Card. (We do not need a passport)
  • Tax Information (optional)
    1. Tax subsidies are off of projected income for the present year.
    2. Having a W-2 form from the previous year can help us get a good idea of the income you might make in the current year.
    3. Marital Status – Must file taxes jointly
  • Purchasing a plan
    1. In order to enroll in a Health plan under the ACA we do need a mode of payment, regardless of the premium.
    2. To do so we will need a bank account and routing number.
    3. Either a checkbook or the numbers of the account will work.
    4. You do not need to write a check or bring any cash.

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