Easy Money

Easy Money
Brett Henry

Easy Money! Is there such a thing? As agents we get so accustomed to just running quotes and taking orders, especially in today’s marketplace. The ACA has turned most agents into order takers, who are not really accustomed to presenting a product’s benefit and or positioning it in the right circumstance.

So, when you address the issue of circumstance, what does that really mean? A prospects premium is too high, they don’t have coverage or they may not be happy with their current carrier. These are circumstances. Those circumstances address the what if. What if I get sick, have an accident or suffer a stroke or heart attack?

But how about the circumstance that is 100% guaranteed to happen. Death can be a difficult subject to discuss with anyone, but everyone knows it will eventually happen. So why do people ignore the inevitable and leave their loved ones with the burden of high expenses? The one who passes away actually passes on a tremendous debt to their family. That’s irresponsible, isn’t it. That individual, without taking proactive responsibility for themselves, has basically told his family that he or she doesn’t care about them. Here, you pay $15,000 to $25,000 to handle my remains.


The average funeral cost in the US. is $15,500. That’s if you die within your local area. But if someone dies out of your immediate area or state, the cost of transporting the body back averages about$10,000. If you happen to die out of the country your cost to transport back averages about $20,000. Add that to the average of $15,000 and you have a whopper of a bill that someone left to their children or other family members. Imagine the fighting between siblings and family members on who will foot that bill.

You see, Smart cremation isn’t just a cremation product. It lets you know that you have taken responsibility for your own existence. If you don’t, you will have opened the door for the strong possibility of sibling and family arguments and division. But you are the problem solver with Smart. Smart does all the paperwork and covers everything from A-z with just one phone call 24/7 365 days a year.

Money in Hand

You see, from an agent perspective, you will be paid $325 per sale, along with Compass Reward points. After 3 sales you are bumped up to $400 per sale. In most cases you will sell 2 at a time because of the husband-and-wife scenario. Do the math. How many ACAs or members do you have to sell to meet those types of commissions. Plus, the average closing ratio on Smart is 50%. It’s so easy to sell, it’s ridiculous.

For a limited time, Smart is offering a $841 discount, bringing the price down to $2595. In addition, with $499 down they will finance at 0% interest, so your payment is only $35 a month! No one knows when they will die. They may live another 20-30 years. But the cost of a funeral or cremation will not go down. So, if it’s $15,000 today, what will it be in 20-30 years? As an example, one of our agents has a cousin who passed away in the Bahamas. It took $12,000 just to ship the body back. And that’s only 80 miles away. Get the picture?

Not only is it easy to sell, but it’s Easy Money to earn. Call your book of clients today and at least give them the opportunity to say yes.

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