From the Prez:

I want to wish all our Agents, Managers & Staff a Happy & Prosperous New Year.  I sincerely appreciate everyone’s effort and contribution during 2021, and believe our accomplishments position us very well leading into 2022.

Compass Health is keenly positioned to capitalize on the current state of our union and the consumer mind set.  As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered the way consumers think and behave in many ways; most specifically, their financial security including:

  • Estate & Income Protection (Life Insurance w/ Living Benefits)
  • Final Expenses (Pre-paid Cremation)
  • Health & Supplemental Insurance

Seriously folks – the time has never been better to be in our business.  This never ending pandemic has fostered people to reconsider their values and what’s most important to them.  Sales in Life Insurance saw a record year in 2021 – even with Millennials.

When you sell someone an ACA, STM or Medicare plan – do you believe their concerns/needs STOP there?  Of course not – we are all in the same boat with the same concerns.  We need to protect ourselves against unforeseen, catastrophic and expected expenses. 

One of our core competencies at Compass Health, is not to focus on providing the most solutions – just the best!  Our business model consists of partnering with the ‘Best in Class’ companies in their respective categories.  More isn’t better – better is better! 

You and your customers should have complete confidence in our companies’ and products offered including:

  • Florida Blue for Health, Medicare and USAble supplemental
  • ANICO, Ameritas & National Life Group for Life w/ Living Benefits
  • National General an Allstate Company for STM, Senior Indemnity & Supplemental
  • Pram & CompassRX for Prescription coverage
  • And our newest Partner – Smart Cremation

Why Smart Cremation?  This is in keeping with our Best in Class business model.  We had a great relationship with Neptune and they offer a great product.  As a matter of fact – my wife Donna, me and many others in the company own the product.  This said, we were presented with an opportunity to appoint with Smart Cremation which offers essentially the same product at a lower cost and improved compensation. You can read more about this great new product including the compensation opportunity in this newsletter.  BTW – pre -paid Cremation sales are growing exponentially – in part due to the pandemic and the affordability.

I can’t emphasize enough that 100% of your clients have multiple needs and you MUST introduce our Best in Class solutions to all of them.  Ask questions and plant seeds.  Be consistent with your marketing.  Have a goal to reach out to every client you have multiple times about all our product categories.  We have chosen our products for a reason. 

Lucas Zerbe is introducing our new parentship with Agent Cube/Quotit (a NatGen Allstate Company) to help all of you better manage your business.  We have negotiated a killer price as a top Agency for NatGen with the expectation all CH agents will adopt this leading edge technology for improving and growing your business.

It’s a New Year – time to set your Goals and build your Marketing Business Plan to support them!

We are here to help and plan to provide you with the best available products, technology, marketing and lead programs available to achieve your objectives.   

I look forward to a great and record setting year together!

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